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APEX gears towards helping companies and businesses from various industries in the Middle East, in producing the best people within their organization and to be able to compete in this changing world. This endeavor heralds the beginning of a new approach in providing suitable and cutting edge skills and knowledge to companies committed to building a better workforce.
We will achieve Customer Excellence through “Knowing our customers, Understanding their needs, Delighting them and Measuring the impact and effectiveness of our services” (KUDM).

APEX a fully Accredited Training Provider Center, We are awarded with IAO (“International Accreditation Organization”) which will ensure that OUR Educational Programs are on a par with the Global Standards.

APEX has been certified as International Standard, ISO 9001:2008 compliant by UKAS Management System specifying the requirements for a Quality Management System in order to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide Services to meet Customer’s applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

APEX approved Training Provider by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Government of Dubai, UAE www.khda.gov.ae.

Upcoming Courses

IM - 13 Leading & Managing Multi-Shift Operations Best Practices: Focusing on Industrial Organizations Turkey 22/06/14
SC - 13 Effective Stocktaking & Stock Auditing Doha 22/06/14
PC - 04 Negotiation, Managing & Administration Framework Contracts Abu Dhabi 22/06/14
EE - 10 Automated Metering Technology and Applications Kuala Lumpur 20/07/14
ME - 24 Thermal Power Plant: Performance and Efficiency Dubai 17/08/14
SC - 15 Supply Chain Risk Management Abu Dhabi 17/08/14
ME - 14 Water Distribution Network: Operation, Inspection and Maintenance Dubai 17/08/14
ME - 22 Advanced Multi-Stage Flash Desalination Plant (MSF) Dubai 24/08/14
EE - 29 Power System Operation: Monitoring and Control Dubai 24/08/14
IM - 07 Situational Leadership for Engineering Professionals Istanbul 31/08/14
EE - 26 Smart Metering System Dubai 31/08/14
IM - 11 Harmonizing Corporate Training Strategy with Organization’s Objectives Dubai 07/09/14
ME - 04 Diesel Engine Generator: Operation, Maitenance and Troubleshooting Dubai 07/09/14
PC - 01 Planning, Organizing and Controlling Projects (Principles and Applications) Dubai 07/09/14
ME - 15 Co-generation, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Manama 14/09/14
EE - 14 Energy Demand Forecasting and Load Management Dubai 14/09/14
ME - 25 Gas Turbine Condition Monitoring & Failure Analysis (Arabic) Istanbul 15/09/14
ME - 16 Hydraulic System Applications and Troubleshooting in Industries Dubai 21/09/14
EE - 03 Power Cables Failure Investigation, Analysis and Diagnostic Techniques Dubai 21/09/14
IM - 08 Enhancing Supervisory Skills: Focusing on Technical Organization Dubai 21/09/14
PC - 07 Project Management Status Reporting and Progress Analysis Salalah 21/09/14
EE - 01 Load Flow Analysis and Short Circuit Calculation Dubai 05/10/14
IM - 10 Quality Control Improvement Techniques Using 7 QC Tools (Workshop) Kuala Lumpur 05/10/14
ME - 26 Intermediate Vibration Training and Optional Certification exam Dubai 12/10/14
EE - 16 Managing and Control Power Losses in Electrical Network Madrid 19/10/14
ME - 28 Rotating Equipment Machinery: Pumps and Compressor Dubai 19/10/14
IM - 14 OJT Concepts, Techniques and Implementation Process Dubai 19/10/14
EE - 27 Power System Automation Yanbu 19/10/14
RM - 07 Understanding Failure Analysis Investigation Techniques Dubai 26/10/14
RM - 11 Lean Six Sigma Implementation Dubai 26/10/14
ME - 27 Pumps Technology: Operation, Maintenance & Technology Dubai 02/11/14
RM - 06 Continually Improving Maintenance and Reliability Results Dubai 09/11/14
IM - 09 Enhancing Leadership Skills of Professional Women Engineers Dubai 16/11/14
IM - 15 Advanced Train the Technical Trainer Workshop Dubai 16/11/14
EE - 02 Grounding, Bonding, Lighting and Surge Protection of Utilities & Industries Dubai 23/11/14
SC - 04 Managing and Improving Effective Warehouse Operations Dubai 23/11/14

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