Why choose us?

We are constantly striving to provide excellent services by "KUDM" i.e. Knowing our customers, Understanding their needs, Delighting them and Measuring the impact and effectiveness of our services through APEX Methodologies, Highly Qualified Trainers & Consultants with Efficient Administration and Coordination.

Who we are

APEX was established in 2005 at Dubai Knowledge Park (www.dkp.ae) and since then, committed to be the preferred Training, Consultancy and Solutions Provider for Industrial Organizations. The Company continuously gained specialization in providing solution-based Trainings to Companies around the Globe and through the years, APEX had been persistent in its pursuit of excellence and success towards its clients.

Business Segments

APEX deals with very specific Business Segments which are mainly for Industrial Organizations. A subsection of the company's overall operations are well explained on the core competencies of the segments which include Power & Water Utilities, Oil & Gas Technology, Chemicals & Petrochemical Industry, Iron & Steel Manufacturing, Aluminum Manufacturing, Cement Manufacturing, Light Industries and Transportation Services.

Service Discipline

Our service disciplines provide high quality training courses, professional needs assessment, analysis and stand up instruction as well created based on the business segments which focused on Industrial Technologies and Organizations. APEX also specializes in tailoring training services and approches in relevance to the clients' business curriculum and requirements. As a result, the Company works towards achieving and attaining Trainings for Specific Purpose (TSP).

Quality & Credibility

APEX is dedicated to cater its services through legally acceptable standards and continuous quality assurance processes paving the way towards internationally-acclaimed and competitive training excellence. Thus, the Company highly recognizes its affiliation and accreditation with these agencies.

Service Category

APEX values relationships with its clients. Each engagement is an agreement between Partners working together in creating a mutually beneficial and enduring partnership. Through this, the Company kept its aspiration to adapt the demands of its clients through a sustainable and timely service delivery.

Instructors & Consultants

APEX ensures that its Pool of Instructors and Consultants are composed of high caliber professionals who have undergone tremendous in-depth studies in their individual field of expertise. The Company also qualifies its instructors to establish supportive climate; provide encouragement and reassurances and responds openly to the queries and questions raised by the trainees. Consultants are also screened to make sure that they reinforce pragmatic training thus helping the trainees to be conversant with the subtle techniques, and making the most of their available skills and knowledge.

Strategic Alliance

APEX believes that the Strategic Alliances can deliver significant benefits including reduced Marketing and Sales time and efforts by providing and searching for potential and quality target-market clients in the field of Industrial Technology. The Company through its Management joins hands in developing tools that would determine and evaluate strategic alliances with its clients and partners.