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APEX is a Technical Training and Consultancy Company, dealing with very specific business segments which is mainly in Industrial Organizations. A subsection of our company's overall operations are explained in each of the Business Segments below. Our Company’s Strategies focus on Enhancing Individual Competency and Business Excellence in Workplace.

APEX concentrates its activities on the core competencies of its Eight (08) Strategic Business Segments: Power & Water Utilities, Oil & Gas Technology, Petrochemical Industry, Iron & Steel Manufacturing, Aluminium Manufacturing, Cement Manufacturing, Light Industries & Manufacturing and Engineering Universities.

Power & Water Utilities

APEX provide their clients in Power & Water Utilities with Training & Consultancy Services related to Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution as well as Power System Dispatch. It covers also Water Side such as Water Desalination Plants such as MSF, MED, & RO and Pumping Stations, Distribution Networks up to the end user.

Oil & Gas Technology

Petroleum Industry courses which includes every aspects of processes of Exploration, Extraction, Production, Refining, Transporting, and marketing Petroleum Products. Also we are focusing on enhancing skills for Management, Engineers, Technicians and Operators those working in Gas Liquefaction Processing, Marketing and Distribution.

Petrochemical Industries

Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from Petroleum. The two most common petrochemical classes are Olefins (including Ethylene and Propylene) and Aromatics (Including Benzene, Toluene & Xylene Isomers). Our Experts can help you increase your Knowledge & Skills and gain insight to know – how to operate and maintain Petrochemical Facilities.

Iron & Steel Manufacturing

APEX provides a comprehensive training programs to cover many areas in Iron & Steel Industry. Our Expert Trainers are leading you through the dynamics of modern Iron & Steel Makers, their main business drivers, and giving you precious insight into new iron & steel production, heat and electricity supply, handling and transport of raw, intermediate, and waste materials.

Aluminium Manufacturing

All our training programs cover a range of topics from Metallurgy, Surface Treatment and Analytical Techniques to rolling and process control. Also Product Specific Courses such as extraction of alumina from bauxite, refinement process, smelting process, casting, extrusion, rolling, and up to recycling and energy conservation concentrates process improvement techniques.

Cement Manufacturing

Our training courses are suitable for a wide range of personnel within a Cement Manufacturing Process from Quarrying, Dredging, and Digging, Grinding, Blending of Components, Fine Grinding, Burning, Finish Grinding until Packaging and Shipping will be covered in the training offerings. It’s more useful and valuable for Management Level, Engineers, Technicians and Operators.

Light Industries & Manufacturing

Our training courses related to light industrial business are supporting industry development, research and focus in-depth study of major common key technologies such as Food Science & Engineering, Bio-technologies, Plastic Processing & Applications and all processing, fabricating, assembly, or dis-assembly of items to guide the modernization and standardization

Tansportation Srvices

Today, many fresh graduate Engineers don’t have a proper way to practice Engineering Knowledge and Skills. APEX has developed a many programs with a focus on informing and assisting fresh graduate Engineers to help them earn their professional engineering Certificates by offering a series of preparation courses to cover all subjects they need before they join the practical work.