Distribution Control Center (DCC) Application Hands On Exercises




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As distribution companies evolve under the restructuring of the electric utility enterprise, many technical, economic and business challenges emerge. Depending on how a distribution company is restructured, there are opportunities and risks that were not envisioned before restructuring.

The  main  opportunity  of  course  is  to  run  the  company  as  a  “business”  that  aims  at  increasing  profitability  through successful use of technology, management principles and sound financial principles. The risks can be many, however, as failure to perform its tasks effectively, will cause customer complaints, operating at a loss and eventually burdening almost everyone involved. This course will deal initially with a review of restructuring issues as the affect a distribution company and its relationship to: generating company suppliers, the transmission company and above all, the various types of consumers. 

Following  that  the  course  will  deal  with  the  Functional  Components  of  the  Distribution  Control  Center  and  their integration  to  meet  the  ever-changing  needs  of  the  distribution  utility  enterprise.  It  will  then  go  over  the  essential  systems  that  are  needed  namely:  (a)  The  overall  “Information  System”  as  a  whole  and  its  various  components: Customer  Information  System  (CIS),  Geographic  Information  System  (GIS),  SCADA;  (b)  Operating  functions  both real-time  and  offline,  and  (c)  performance  issues  associated  with  the  role  of  the  DCC  in  enhancing  the  various business operations and company profitability 




By attending course participants will be able to:

  • Competently define the Concepts of Substation Automation.
  • Specify the Main Components of Substation Automation.
  • Present the requirements of an Effective Substation Automation System.
  • Compare and evaluate different Systems and Products Available today. 
  • Identify the multitude of benefits a substation Automation System can bring to Power System Network.
  • Effectively  design  and  implement  a  Substation  Automation System, based on your Specific Requirements.
  • Avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes when implementing Substation Automation.
  • Analyze and assess the economic benefits Substation Automation can bring to your factory or workplace.
  • Make informed decisions regarding the suitability of various systems according to your specific requirements. 
  • Diagnose Shortcomings of Existing substation Automation.




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