Enhancing Supervisory Skills for Technical Professionals




US$ 2500 Per participant


Enhancing Supervisory Skills is an exciting and interactive program designed to help experienced and second-level   Supervisors take stock of their roles and to develop the skills and approach they need to perform effectively in any         Industrial Organization.

It covers a wide range of topics relating to the supervisor’s role.  The program recognizes that supervisors not only have to manage their teams but also have to operate in a Wider Organizational context getting things done through, with and  for  other Teams and Departments.   Insights developed during the course will be a particularly useful for Second-Line Supervisors who themselves may have to manage the development of newly appointed supervisors. 

This course is designed to equip Operation, Maintenance, & Technical Support  Supervisors with a set of tools and best practices that will ensure that they work in a confident and competent manner that enhances their ability to deliver  corporate goals.  The program starts by helping them to clarify their role and goals by helping them to prepare productive goal setting.   It then helps them to understand what their team members want from them.

Delegating, effective goal setting and performance appraisal are demonstrated and role-played. Participants will learn all  the Techniques fo  working effectively with staff, managing performance and problem solving.  As a Leader’s responsibilities widen it will be critical to establish a discipline and process to manage time. Finally participants will work on preparing an action plan for the ‘back at work’ situation based on the programme content. 




By attending course participants will be able to:

  • Have a clear process for establishing, clarifying and agree- ing their Role. 
  • Understand the keys to Better Communications and begun to practice them.
  • Have  mastered  a  wide  range  of  techniques  to  improve    motivation  and  enhance  individual  performance  through proven goal setting.
  • Have improved their ability to influence people. 
  • Have  established  their  own  leadership  tendencies  and    chosen  and  practiced  an  appropriate  leadership  style  for the type of team they lead. 
  • Have  learned  the  practical  steps  involved  in  delegations that succeeds.
  • Have  a  tool  kit  of  problem  solving  and  decision  making skills which can be adapted to different Situations.
  • Understand the practical Implications of Team Dynamics.




  • Module (01) Human Relation in Workplace.
  • Module (02) Supervisor’s Leadership Skills.
  • Module (03) Keys to Effective Communications.
  • Module (04) Managing Time Effectively.
  • Module (05) Building High Performance Team.
  • Module (06) Supervisor's Role in Cost Reduction. 
  • Module (07) Problem Solving & Decision Making.
  • Module (08) Motivation your Team.
  • Module (09) Setting your Goals.


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