Heat Rate Audit & Analysis of Thermal Power Plants




US$ 3500 Per participant


The availability of Fuels required for Power Plants is reducing and their costs increasing rapidly.  This gives rise to increase in the Cost of Generation of Electricity.  But Electricity Regulators have to control the price of Electricity so that consumers are not stressed with High Costs.  In addition, environmental considerations are forcing Power Plants to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Under these circumstances, Power Plants are constantly under pressure to improve the efficiency of operating plants, and to reduce fuel consumption. In order to progress in this direction, it is important that Power Plants regularly audit their energy use in terms of the operating Plant Heat Rate and Auxiliary Power Consumption. 

Energy Audit of Thermal Power, Combined Cycle, and Cogeneration Plants attempts to refresh the Fundamentals of the Science and Engineering of Thermal Power Plants, and establishes its link with the Real Power Plant performance data through case studies, and further developing techno-economics of the Energy Efficiency improvement measures. This  Course will rekindle interest in Energy Audits and Analysis of the data for designing and implementation of energy conservation measures on a continuous basis.

By maintaining the Heat Rate of a Generating unit or Desalination as a combined cycle at its optimal level, one is assured of proper functioning of the unit. Furthermore, knowledge of the Heat Rate allows for the overall economic operation of the entire Power and Water System.  The main goal of this course is to make Power and Desalination Plant more reliable, efficient and environmentally compliant.  This requires personnel training on Operation Optimization of advanced equipment, condition monitoring and testing that are directed toward plant and personnel performance enhancement.




By attending course participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the major Aspects in GT, Boiler and Desalination Plant.
  • Be able to do Basic Performance Calculations.
  • Be able to know and understand how to calculate Heat Rate Analysis.
  • Explain Controllable and Non– Controllable losses. 
  • Know the effects of component Performance on Operating Costs. 
  • Discuss how Heat Rate affects operating practices, unit Optimization and Environmental Compliance.
  • Assess Heat Rate Issues using knowledge gained in Heat rate Awareness.
  • Specify the Methodology for Energy Audit Data Collection for Different Equipment and Sub-systems of Power Plant.
  • Understanding Techno-Economics of each Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Measures, to enables Management to take Right Investment Decisions..




  • Module (01) Heat Rate Analysis and Calculations.
  • Module (02) Heat Rate Analysis for Gas Turbine Plants.
  • Module (03) Heat Rate Analysis for  Steam Plants.
  • Module (04) Fuel System in Power Plant.
  • Module (05) Heat Rate Analysis for Desalination Plant.
  • Module (06) Co-generation of Power and Water. 
  • Module (07) Integrated Thermal Power Plants and Desalination Plant Optimization.


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