OHTL and Insulators Maintenance Patrolling Washing (Practical Workshop)




US$ 4000 Per participant


The  Electrical  System  covers  most  of  Transmission  and  Distribution,  Zone  where  most  of  the  Energy  produced  is transported via 220-400 or 500 KV Transmission Lines, Due to the Importance of Energy Transmission through these Air Lines Transmission.

With High Efficiency is maintained and cleaning of tensile insulation and suspension periodically. In this framework. The General  Electricity  Company  plans  to  train  Engineers  and  Technicians  to  upgrade  their  Efficiency  in  the Cleaning  of 220, 400 or 500 KV Transmission lines, including  clearing the neighborhood and Traditional cleaning after separating the lines.

Maintenance of transmission lines The transmission lines play a very important role in transmitting the huge quantum of electrical power generated at various generating stations to the whole area of the country from one end to other end over  a  distance  of  several  hundreds  of  kilometers.  By  such  transmission  it  is  possible  to  distribute  the  power  to  the    various types of customers through substations, at lowest possible line losses.

Ground patrolling is carried out by Inspection of the line, by walk down survey, and thorough patrolling by climbing on the tower through internal body of the tower and observing the line components keeping safe body clearance.  Whilevisual inspection thermo- scanning, digital photograph of the components and corona detection by Daycor Camera is carried out.



By attending course participants will be able to:

  •   Understanding and Applying Cleaning Methods of the Lines of Transmission Power (High Voltage effort of 220 – 400 KV Water without effort by Modern Means. 
  •   Understanding  and  Applying  Cleaning  Methods  of  Insulators Transmission Lines of Electric Power High Voltage effort of 220 – 400 KV Water under Voltage by Modern Means. 
  •   Training  to  follow  the  Safety  measures  during  the  Work  of Washing under the Effort.
  •   Electrical  and  Mechanical  Definition  that  used  in  Washing  Insulators under Voltage.
  •   Pollution of High Voltage Insulator and How we can overcome the  Problems  due  to  Pollution  and  Working  Conditions  for Washing Insulators under Voltage.
  • Main Components of the Washing Unit, and Methods of Wash- ing insulators under Voltage.
  • Complete  Preparation  Including  Drawing,  Calculation  of  Electrical  withstand, Mechanical Calculations the  Steps  in Details including the Safety Rules and the Suitable Tools. 



  • Module (01) Safety Rules.
  • Module (02) Overhead Transmission Line Concept.
  • Module (03) Overhead Transmission Line Equipment.
  • Module (04) Conductor Degradation - Corrosion.
  • Module (05) Overhead Transmission Line Grounding.
  • Module (06) Overhead T.L Washing Procedures.
  • Module (07) Overhead T.L Maintenance.


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