Project Risk Management & Compliance




US$ 3000 Per participant


A  contract is the comerstone to any business transaction, in the economic environment, companies that treat all contracts alike often then fail to realize or meet expectations with regard to logistics, services, quality of procured product or service, address embedded risks and often fail short of overall business targets.

One of the critical outcomes of contract and project management is to ensure that risks to owners and contractor are identified and controlled in a proactive way so that both parties are satisfied with the project outcome. While world class project and contract management cannot, of itself, make risk “go away”, it can, and should, identify the risks and opportunities, determine who is responsible for managing each individual risk, and for the consequences should the risk occur .

Improving the area of contractual controls should be a focus for most companies. In recent studies it has been shown that ineffective control and management of supplier contracts costs businesses is missed savings opportunities and increased risks. It is no surprise a fundamental part of managing contract risk is clearly understanding your contract in depth and getting it right while highlighting what could go wrong as a risk management initiative. 

Participants will increase competencies through a variety of instructional methods including lecture, exercises, reviewing  published articles, checklists, videos, and group discussions. A comprehensive course manual enabling practical application and reinforcement is provided. Delegates are  encouraged to bring real problem examples with them, for discussion on a confidential basis, and to share their experience of particular issues. Time will be allowed for general discussions, and for one-to-one discussion with the trainer.




By attending course participants will be able to:

  • Increased understanding of risk and opportunities through the development of risk identification and assessment skills.
  • Make  risk  and  opportunity  integral  components  of  your  next Project Plan.
  • Better ability to allocate risk, and to select the appropriate project processes and contractual regime to achieve the Organizations goals.
  • Improve the ability to reduce the negative impact of poorly-managed risk on a project or a company.
  • Identify threats and opportunities and weigh their relative value in your project.
  • Reducing project failure, poor quality, costly changes, and cost overruns resulting from poor understanding and management of risk.
  • Implementing better risk management through the understanding of the relationship between scope, cost, and time which improves the chance of project success




  • Module (01) Types and Management of Risk.
  • Module (02) Minimizing and Transferring Risk.
  • Module (03) Risk Terms & Conditions.
  • Module (04) Dealing with Financial Risks.
  • Module (05) Remedies when Bad Staff Happens.
  • Module (06) Risk Management & Planning. 
  • Module (07) Risk Identification Processes.
  • Module (08) Risk Assessment & Quantification Process.
  • Module (09) Risk Response Plan Development.
  • Module (10) Risk Response Control.


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